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Oct 5, 2006 06:41 AM

craving ethiopian food!!! any seattle recommendations?

hi. i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for good ethiopian. i used to get great cheap food on 15th and cherry but i haven't been living in that neighborhood for 10 plus years. any recommendations?

thanks chowhound friends!

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  1. Blue Nile on 12th Ave just South of Seattle U is very good.

    1. There is a place in N. Seattle, off 15th Ave NE right where it meets Roosevelt at Y on the the east side of the street. Sorry I don't remember the name, even though I go there a fair amount. The food is delicious and VERY cheap. The platters are big enough for 2 people and under $10. The first time I went there, I couldn't imagine that a platter costing $8 it would provide enough food for 2 people, so we each ordered one. We ended up eating one and having to box the other one to go. One warning, the service is on an extremely relaxed place.

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        That is Enat, I believe--its around 117th
        It was quite good, though the best I have had is Dahlak, behind the Oh boy oberto factory on ranier. Best dish is kitfo--raw ground beef, but their simple stuff like the veggie platter are bigger and better than anywhere else.

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          Enat is not so good sometimes. That's all I can say. Nice people, but sometimes the only flavor in some dishes is salt and more salt. No spice. Just salt. The miser wat is always damn good, but the meat dishes can be touch and go.

      2. I have enjoyed great food at Queen of Sheba (Capitol Hill) and Meskel (E. Cherry St , east of 23rd by a few blocks).

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          While I think Meskel is perhaps the best Ethiopian I've had, I ate at Queen Sheba last night and was quite dissapointed. When I walked in and saw the crowd, I suspected it was probably benefitting mainly from its location just off Broadway. The "bamia beef" was quite good, served hot and simmering with spices. However, the veggie combo was pretty weak: the shiro wat was bland, the greens tepid and virtually flavorless, and the cabbage lukewarm. I should have known better than to order Ethiopian wine, but the glass of red was amongst the worst I've quaffed, and I think this was in part to leaving it open too long and allowing it to start down the road to vinegar. Easily the worst of several Ethiopian restaurants I've visited.

        2. I like Awash in Columbia City (3808 S. Edmunds) and Mesob on 14th and Jefferson. I also think the Ethiopian offerings at Pan Africa, on First, are excellent.

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            Is Mesob next door to an auto repair shop?

            1. re: equinoise

              I don't *think* so but it's been next door to so many things (a sandwich shop, a fried chicken/soul food shack) that I don't remember. It's on the southwest corner of 14th and Jefferson.

              While not Ethiopian, you should see if Dahlak (Eritrean) satisfies your craving. It's my current go-to place for East African.

          2. Lalibela a little bit down the street from Meskel is great.