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Oct 5, 2006 06:04 AM

Help! Need Toddler-Friendly Westside Dining

Can anyone give any good suggestions of places to eat in or around the westside that are both delicious and child-friendly (6 mo, 18 mo and 3 years old), especially for dinner ?? A place maybe that is not too uptight about kids, where there is ample space, and where service is quick? Just wondering if there are any favorites out there for chowhound families.

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  1. ICUGINI on Ocean Ave.

    Kids menu, but upscale adult food, too. Very kid-friendly place.

    Highly suggest the branzino, the seared tuna, the cod, fritto misto, and mussels. Desserts are great - I recommend the banana bombe.

    1. It's the Valley (Sherman Oaks) but Pinot Bistro is extremely kid friendly - in fact kids under 12 eat well and eat FREE!

      1. Kay 'n Daves has 3 locations on the Westside, it's healtly Mexican, and I've enjoyed their Tostadas over the years. I must confess it has been 4 years since I stopped by, but they had paper covering the tables with crayons for the kids to draw on and the walls were covered with some of the better(?) crayoned artwork. Very kid/totler friendly.

        1. Rosti on Montana - filled with kids and babies.
          Kay n Daves is a very good suggestion

          1. Recommendations from experience:


            Noodle Planet in Westwood (kids love the solar system sculpture on the ceiling)

            Anywhere in the Farmers Market, or (for a more sit-down experience) Wood Ranch next door in The Grove (the rear patio is best for little kids)

            Blue Marlin on Sawtelle (although the kids' meal is not as much fun as it used to be). Curry House is also a reasonable choice although I don't like the food so much. Yashima, the noodle place on the 2nd floor of the Olympic Collection, is also possible--they have a great kids dinner--but it's usually sort of quiet in there so if your group is in a rowdy mood you might feel uncomfortable. (Somehow our son, who when he was 2 and 3 could often become cranky in restaurants, would always stay calm at Yashima--but we just had to deal with one, not 3!)

            Rutts on Washington Blvd. in Culver City for Hawaiian food

            Magic Carpet on Pico for Kosher Yemenite/Israeli food--lots of cacaphonous families and a more diverse crowd than you'll find at most of the other glatt-Kosher places in L.A. Service is generally speedy, can occasionally be slow. Note: because they are strict-Kosher, they won't let you bring in any special food for the little kids, not even formula.

            For a "nicer" meal, Daily Grill works pretty well, although the service can be a little slow--the new one on Colorado in Santa Monica is good option for early dinner, bigger (and therefore less crowded) than the one in Brentwood.

            Kay n Daves is definitely kid-friendly, unfortunately the food is lousy and the service is sometimes glacial and disorganized which doesn't work too well for kids . . .

            A better bet for Norteamericanizado pseudo-Mexican food in a good setting for kids is Pacifico's in Culver City--the food is not great but some things are OK (the seafood cocktails are acceptable, if bland, and they do have decent liquor) and they are very, very solicitous of kids. We went there a LOT during PayOrPlay Jr.'s more difficult phases.