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Oct 5, 2006 05:54 AM

Ideas for a 30th birthday bash in OC?

I'm planning a dinner for a group of 10-12. Looking for a place that we can hang out in after dinner, as well. Loud or festive locations are ok, intimate settings are not required for this group! Any ideas? Cuisine choices are open, but if it helps any, I'm partial to Sushi or good seafood...

Thanks in advance
- kc

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  1. How about Mosun in Laguna Beach for sushi, then go upstairs to Club M? Sushi's average & grigofied but perfectly serviceable. Room's pretty and so are the people. A group of 10-12 should work just fine there.

    1. maybe you can let us know what part of OC you would prefer. On the northern side, there's always Chomp in downtown fullerton. They have a sushi bar and several tepan areas that should be able to accomodate your party. Be careful on thursday nights tho, they have their all you can eat sushi after 9 and it gets packed and its nearly impossible to sit down within 1-2 hours of getting there.

      also after dinner you can either hang out there or check out one of many bars in the area. There's usually alwayws live music somewhere. My fav is the continental room about a block away, or there's slidebar across the street for a younger more trendy crowd, there's also steamers(live jazz) and a bunch of others in the area.