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Oct 5, 2006 05:20 AM

The Dogout in Riverside

anyone have anymore info on this joint, it does in fact sound a lot like top dog on durant in berekley. but who knows...

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  1. i've been twice. i'm almost positive that it is affiliated with top dog in berkeley. almost exactly the same menu (top dog frankfurter, kiel, german, hot link, lemon chicken, along with some other stuff), same sesame buns, warm krout, etc...

    the sausages didn't taste as good to me as the original top dog, but it could be because there was no berkeley vibe to remind me of college days.

    it is like top dog in terms of the food, but almost opposite in terms of the feel... don't expect a surly guy working the grill who wants to discuss political discourse with you. there are actually tables there and a tv tuned into espn. its a very clean, sterile, suburban environment. i go because my parents live in riverside so i'm in the neighborhood sometimes.

    still the dogs were tastier than any others i've had in la, but i've got a top dog bias.