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Oct 5, 2006 05:03 AM

A Craving For Each Season?

I've noticed I get seasonal cravings, as such:

Fall: spiced cooked apples
Winter: tempura udon soup
Spring: green salads
Summer: fish with citrus (and whenever there's a hurricane report on TV somewhere I pretty much have to have shrimp grilled with grapefruit)

Who else and what? (For me the perennial summer fruit-and-fish craving is most notable.)

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  1. I haven't noticed that I have seasonal cravings, but I think hubby shares one of yours: he cooked dinner tonight, the first night of the year that felt like 'fall', and the night of our first rain, and dessert was spiced cooked apples. :-)

    1. Fall: Pumpkin Pie

      Winter: Spicy Hot Chocolate

      Spring: Baby Green Salad with Bleu Cheese, Cranberries & Candied Walnuts

      Summer: Ceviche, Raw Oysters & Beer

      1. Fall: persimmons
        Winter: stews
        Spring: greens
        Summer: all summer produce--cherries, melons, berries, corn, etc., etc. I can't get enough in the short season.

        1. Fall: Pumpkin Pie

          Winter: Pot Roast

          Spring: burgers on the grill

          Summer: tomatoes

          1. Fall: soups, meatloaf, apples

            Winter: hot chocolate, chili

            Spring: salads

            Summer: watermelon, barbequed chicken

            Anytime of the year: ice cream!!