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Oct 5, 2006 04:13 AM

Ambrosia or Blue Coral???

Has anyone been to Ambrosia or Blue Coral...would love to hear your comments and suggestions..what did you order?

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  1. Ambrosia by far. Ask for AJ

    1. Blue Coral was lovely. Totally worth it, and I look forward to going back. Actually, we introduced ourselves to one of the operating partners while we were there, and in the mail this week we received an invite to come back *with* a gift certificate included.

      I had the sea bass. He had the cioppino and was very impressed. The lobster mac was to die for. Their signature lemonade was yummy, and I cannot wait to try one of their mojitos or blueberry drop. What an original (and fresh squeezed) bar selection! It's like a triple threat in that corner of Fashion Island..all owned by the same parent company.