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Oct 5, 2006 03:13 AM

Haggis in NYC?

I recently got back from a trip to Glasgow (among other places) and I fell in love with the haggis, so I am now wondering where, in the city in which you can find anything (OK, maybe not the foal-steak sandwich I had in Reykjavik), can I get a haggis? (Preferably a market from which I can buy the whole thing and prepare it home, as opposed to a restaurant.)

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  1. St. Andrews on 44th street in times sq - scottish place - serves it.

    1. you could take a trip to kearny, nj aka scottish town usa. haha.. that would honeslty be the only place to pick up a real haggis to cook at home. there are a few places along the main drag, but stewarts of kearny might be your best bet. kearny is easily reachable by path train--get off at harrison and get a cab up kearny avenue! good luck!

        1. You can also get tinned haggis at Myers of Keswick in Greenwich Village. It's not as good as the real thing but will do in a pinch.

          1. Well, have any of you actually had the (non-tinned) haggis at any of these places? I am tempted to try it.

            Incidentally, I see from that haggis is traditionally served with the Burns supper (commemorating Scotland's national poet Robert Burns) during the week of January 25.

            Another interesting wikipedia trivia bit: US food laws forbid the sale of any food product that contains an animal's lungs, which are one of the traditional ingredients in haggis, so there allegedly have been aficionados who have engaged in haggis smuggling to get the real deal here in the States.