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Oct 5, 2006 02:49 AM

CRISPY Chile Relleno

Where in LA can I find a cripy chile relleno?? Places I have been:

1. El Coyote (sick)
2. Merix
3. Gardens of Taxco
4. Mexican place at the Farmers Market

I've been in LA for about 2 years and I havent found a mexican restaurant I love. 2,3, and 4 above are all very good, but they dont have a crispy relleno!


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  1. Care to explain to the rest of us Angelenos what exactly is a "crispy" chile relleno? Where have you had it? Is it possible that it may not be "authentic" Mexican food, and that's why you're having a hard time finding it?

    1. I've had "crispy" chiles rellenos in New Mexico where it seems to be the predominant type as opposed to the puffy or omelet-like batter found in California. I am currently having a fond memory flashback of running up to a take-out window and buying 2 or 3 of those tasty morsels with their crispy batter (no sauce) and devouring them immediately!!
      Sorry for the lapse but to get back to the question: I have not found that type of relleno in the Los Angeles area. Maybe someone on this board has. I certainly would like to know.

      1. I don't know if the info is up to date but the Authentic Cafe on Beverly used to serve a very crispy chile relleno (it was coated in blue corn meal as opposed to a thick egg batter.) The relleno was then served on a bed of chipotle sauce as opposed to being drenched in goopy sauce.

        The relleno was stuffed with a combo of cheeses one of which was a smokey cheese and it worked really well with the chipotle sauce.

        I used to work there many years ago and learned to hate the food but I always loved the chile relleno. This was a while back so I don't know if they still have the same relleno on the menu (they would be stupid to get rid of it since it was so popular.)

          1. Ask for the sauce on the side.