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Oct 5, 2006 02:38 AM

Sal's Pizza

Tried this restaurant this evening based on posting I saw at Chowhound. Salad was soggy, sent back. Pizza (advertised as deep dish Sicilian Style 1 1//2" thick) tasteless. What measuring tape did they use? Must have been 1/4". Anyway, unimaginable how you can not make great pizza. I'll stick to Papa John's.

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  1. Sal's isn't what everyone seems to make it out to be.


    1. The pizza scene, similar to the bbq scene, in Dallas is hopeless. Witness Dallas Observer Best Of votes Piggie Pies Pizza & Pasta has having the best pizza with the Reader's Choice being Pizza Hut. What happened to Coal Vines and Fireside Pies?

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        Though I usually agree w/ most of your comments, Scagnetti, I have to disagree and say the pizza scene is quite decent. From Scallini's, Campisi's, to Piggie Pies, we Dallasites are blessed to have a diverse pizza scene. Like hamburgers, I crave a certain pizza each time I want it; some days it's Piggie's other days it Louie's and I'm grateful Dallas isn't like NY or Chicago where they all try to perfect the "same" pizza. Also, you may want to give Piggies Pies another try...they use the same quality ingredients as Coal Vines (minus the coal burning fire). i.e.Lisanti Foods

        Also, we have the best pizza chain based in Addison...Pizza Hut!!

        1. re: adkim

          I agree with adkim. Louie's Pizza on Henderson is one of my favorites in Dallas. If you're a fan of thin crust pizza was the freshest ingredients and the best ceasar salad around, you will love Louie's. The atmosphere is great as well!

          Piggie Pies is also another excellent choice. Although quite different from Louie's, Piggie Pies comes to the plate with a totally different menu.

          1. re: Uncle Ernie

            I'll second Louie's, but then I like a thin crust.


        1. well, I am from Philly...I have also lived in Italy...It all really depends on your taste...

          For a NY style pizza, Sals is as good as it gets in Dallas...

          If you want a REAL Italian pizza you have to travel to Addison to Antonios...

          Anybody that thinks Papa John's is on the same level as Sal's has has not had pizza in NY and doesn't have a palet for pizza.

          REAL Italian pizza would get extremely mixed reviews from Americans because it is so different than what we are used to...When I used to order a pizza in Italy the only toppings I would would be sausage and artichoke hearts...Order a pizza with everything there and you end up with a hard boiled egg in the center...

          For american (NY) style pizza in Dallas, Sal's is #1...Brothers on Abrams is #2...however, it all depends on how fast you can get it home. Campisis's is a distant 3rd (it is the closest to Italian pizza though)

          In my opinion, thick pizza is a horrible monstrosity so your opinion may vary.

          BTW...For the guy complaining about "Sicilian Style Pizza" I lived in Sicily for 2 yrs as well...and Sicilian deep dish pizza doesnt exist. PERIOD

          1. It depends on what you call "Italian Pizza" personally Taverna is the closest I have had to Italian by far. I would rate Sal's from a very poor third to fourth depending on their mood, some days it's okay other times I have been there it was horrific.

            The better New York style pizza is at the "Benni's chain" this includes Joe's pizza, Beni's, Fat Joe's etc. all in the northern sectors of Dallas.