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Oct 5, 2006 02:36 AM

Mama Voula's is defunct...

They closed their doors for good this afternoon. Their inability to get a beer and wine license was the cause they cited.

They've left a note behind inviting patrons to frequent their other location: Ulysses Voyage at the Grove. Apparently their quest to find a viable West Los Angeles location where they can get licensed is ongoing, but no specifics were mentioned.

It wasn't anywhere near the best greek I'd ever had, but it was charming, and the quality was consistantly high. Oh well.

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  1. that sucks! I was craving a Gyro this week and was gonna hit em up.....

    1. Too bad. However, I went about two weeks ago and thought that the quality had dipped. In fact the last 2 or 3 times, things seemed different to me. Didn't see some of the same people I'd seen there before either. Guess it doesn't matter now anyway. Green Olive is acceptable Greek on Wilshire - not great but it fills the Gyro cravings.

      1. I went about 3 weeks ago and I liked my Gyro....and esp. the garlicky fries....does uylesses have that?

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          I've never been there, but it's always been my understanding that, yes, all the basics are the same.

          After some poking around online, I came across the menu:

          The menu links are on the right side of the page. After browsing a few things become clear...

          First, Ulysses Voyage has a MUCH broader selection than Mama Voula's did -- all the Mama Voula's classics plus quite a few more. Second, Ulysses Voyage has MUCH longer hours than Mama Voula's did. And, third, Ulysses Voyage is about 50% more expensive than Mama Voula's was.

          And, for the poster who was looking for Galactobourico -- there's an entry for Galaktopoureko on the menu at Ulysses Voyage... I'm assuming that's what you're looking for.