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Oct 5, 2006 02:27 AM

SF Hounds doing wd-50 (Sat) and Babbo (Mon).....thoughts?

My Hubby and I will be flying in Saturday for an extended weekend trip....celebrating my 40th!! We've got reservations for wd-50 Saturday and then Babbo on Monday. No dinner plans for Sunday yet.

What do NY Hounds think about this selection of restaurants for our quick trip (leaving Tues morning)? We can't wait to try Babbo, but not completely sure if we want to stick with wd-50.

We're staying at the Doubletree on Lexington. Your thoughts please!

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  1. As a former NYC, now Bay Area hound, I think you made good choices. Whenever I'm in NYC, I gorge on Italian food - even though we have a few great places in the Bay Area, it's just not the same. I can't put my finger on it. I would consider L'Impero for the third meal... except I don't think it's open on Sundays. Hmm. Oh, then go to Lupa on Sunday (get there early). To be honest, I found Babbo weirdly soulless compared to Lupa. I mean, the food is delicious, but it's missing something. This may not be fair, as I've been to Lupa many times, and Babbo only once, but that was my impression.

    And we just don't have avant-garde food. It's anathema to the Chez Panisse school (and I love the Chez Panisse school!), but I do think that mentality stunts the Bay Area scene a little bit. I haven't been to WD-50, but I started tracking Wylie Dufresne after his stint as guest chef columnist for the NYTimes back in the early days of 71 Clinton, and I think he's a freaking genius.

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      Lupa definitely would have been our next choice had Babbo not been available. I can't imagine going to NY and not indulging in at least one night of Italian. Thanks

    2. These are the right two places as far as I'm concerned to get two very different (but both excellent) dining experiences. Perhaps Asian on Sunday (although from SF you are probably pretty used to good Asian food), for a lighter "recovery" meal.

      1. What about Prune? I can't think of a place in SF that's similar (although if anyone knows of one, please tell me, and I'll be there every day). The closest I can think of atmosphere-wise is Canteen - shockingly good food from a very modest space. Although Canteen hasn't ever offered a giant slab of monkfish liver on generously buttered toast, as far as I know (still one of my all time favorite dishes). Prune skews French-country, without being bistro cliche.

        Or, Sunday could just be "I can't get this in SF" day... a good bagel... trek out to DiFara's for pizza... pastrami from Katz's... potato pizza from Sullivan Street Bakery...