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Oct 5, 2006 02:00 AM

Saturday lunch--Lilly's, Literati II, 26 Beach, somewhere else?

Looking for a good spot for Saturday lunch...but lots of places are closed then, so it's harder than it seems. I am seeking something like the Joe's experience--good food, good atmosphere, a "nicer" lunch this is still not too pricey--but I don't want to go to Joe's. I've done some research on the site, and it seems like Lilly's, Literati II, and 26 Beach Cafe may be good options. What do you think of these spots for lunch? And can you give me an idea of what I should expect to spend? Or any other good options? Westside preferred, Southbay ok too.

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  1. Lilly's has a lunch special everyday - most of the menu is available for flat $10, which includes soup or salad. It's a great deal and, if you sit outside on the patio, it's the best atmosphere for lunch, in town.

    26 Beach Cafe is another good idea, but cramped.

    Axe is a great lunch spot, but gets very crowded and loud.

    Personally, I like to have lunch at Fred Segal Santa Monica, but the sale is going on now, so it might be kind of crazy there.

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      The Lilly's Lunch special is fantastic and I agree with yogachik that the outside patio is a great spot.

      Here is their lunch menu (specials at the bottom):

      Here is a review I wrote up with some pictures too:

      I don't know for sure if they do the lunch special on weekends, you may want to call and verify. On weekdays they do not take reservations for lunch and it fills up, so go early or you may have to wait, especially for the patio.

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        Lily's is really excellent and if you finish the lunch with an order of Floating Island you will be very happy - its a big serving too. Great lunch place. Parking problematic unless you can get into the lot.
        Literatti II is an upbeat venue with very good food. Valet parking behind the restaurant.
        Attari in Westwood has a great patio (you can park at Borders) and an amazing selection of Persian lunch goodies. Their signature soup is made of dreams. Located just south of Borders on Westwood Blvd.

      2. Hal's Bar & Grill. Great burgers and chicken caesar salad for lunch/brunch. Food is not as "interesting" as Joe's but the vibe of the place is not dissimilar.

        Sapori, in Fisherman's Village, is another possibility--mainstream Italian food, done well, and a nice view of the boats.