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Please give me your Top 3 in the following categories: Expensive; Moderate; and Budget.

Thanks in advance...

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  1. Paprika Cucina Italiana
    110 Saint Marks Pl
    New York, NY 10009
    (212) 677-6563

    For moderate.

      1. moderate: Campanile (29th avenue between Madison and park avenue south) for their linguine frutti di mare.

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          I agree about Campanile, which we recently tried for the first time. Traditional Italian cuisine expertly prepared and delicious. Very pleasant, comfortable atmospherics.


          Also in the moderate category, I like Via Emilia. Excellent pastas, particularly the lasagna. Much livelier decor in the new location.


          While L'Impero is not wildly expensive, I guess it belongs in that category. Superb cuisine and lovely ambiance.


        2. I would go Lupa for moderate and 'ino for budget.

          1. Remi for expensive. Bianca for moderate. Tanti Baci for budget.

            1. 'inoteca for moderate.

              1. San Domenico for expensive.

                Lupa for Moderate.

                Max or Frank for cheap.

                1. babbo for expensive..
                  cripso & lupa for moderate..
                  bianca (we just went last night & loved it) & max for cheap

                  1. i would also suggest pepolino for moderate-to-expensive and noodle pudding for cheap-to-moderate with hearty agreement on babbo, lupa, and frank.

                    1. Babbo expensive Franks and Pesce Pasta cheap. El Cantina Moderate

                      1. La Revista 46th between 8th & 9th is sort of expensive, but excellent. A little less expensive is Sorrento on Mulberry Street.

                        1. Expensive - Babbo
                          Moderate - Lupa, Bellavitae, Cantinella in EV (if its still there, been a while), 'Inoteca, Otto

                          1. Moderate - Po, Lupa
                            Expensive - Esca

                            1. Expensive: Babbo and Felidia

                              Moderate: Lupa and Da Silvano

                              Budget: (more of a place to grab a quick bite for lunch only because there is not waitress service) Danielle's Piadina

                                1. Babbo and L'Impero - expensive and fantastic

                                  Gusto - moderate and Amanda Freitag is now Exec Chef, and also A Voce and Lupa

                                  Bianca - Inexpensive

                                  1. La Revista: high quality food, but pricey. Had the veal milanese under salad... excellent. My friend had Ravioli... also excellent. Somewhat formal, with an older guy playing quiet piano. On same block (46th btwn 8th & 9th), Lattanzi is also excellent, with a unique twist: old world Italian Jewish cuisine!

                                    1. La Zie 2000-moderate Chelsea

                                      Bar Pitti-budget-West Village

                                      Carmines-family style Mid-Town

                                      1. Impero was mentioned, and it's a good choice, but I'm surprised that no-one threw Scott Conant's other restaurant, Alto, into the mix. It would be in the expensive category, unless they offer the $24 lunch again next summer, in which case it could squeeze into the cheap.

                                        Oh and if you want best in NYC, you should include the outer boroughs. I don't think Batali will be quaking in his boots (or more likely sneakers) at the competition, but there are good contenders for moderate in Bklyn and the Bronx.

                                        1. Adding Il Mulino in the expensive category just b/c it hasn't been mentioned. (Of course Babbo is great).

                                          On the moderate side really like Bellavitae.

                                          As for budget, not sure if it is quite on that level but I really like Piccolo Angelo--and everyone I have given the tip to has been more than happy for it. Also really like Otto, especially for lunch/mid-afternoon.