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Oct 5, 2006 01:28 AM

Seeking Carne Asada marinade used by Vallarta Mart Mexican grocery store

If you haven't had to opportunity to try the carne asada sold at the Vallarta Mart Mexican Grocery stores found throughout the San Fernando Valley & East L.A., I strongly encourage you to treat your friends to Vallarta's marinated Carne Asada & become a culinary hero in their eyes.

Now, that I live in Santa Monica it is seldomly convenient to make the trek up to the valley to buy Vallarta's marinated Carne Asada in bulk.

I am hoping that someone on this site can tell me if they know what ingredients Vallarta Mart is using to marinate their meat with to make that uniquely delicious Carne Asada that I so sorely miss.

I would also love to know of any Mexican markets in the Santa Monica/Venice area that have a particulary tasty marinated Carne Asada.

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  1. As I have never experienced Vallarta's carne asada, I can only say that I buy marinated meat, Carne Asada, from Don Felix on Sawtelle, and either flash grill it indoors or over coals outside, and I have been satisfied. I also buy their marinated chicken breasts, but ask that they be sliced filet style, thinner. They are very accommodating. And while there, go next door and get a Carnitas taco! Yummmmmm.

    1. Vallarta Mart Mexican -- where located? I googled and couldn't find. tnx

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      1. You might want to email the SOS column at the LA Times. They successfully answered one of my queries years ago.

        1. Thanks so much, Porterhouse! I must have googled wrong --

          1. Can you describe any "juices" and the flavor of the meat so we can guess?

            I've eaten enough carne asade in my life to at least make an educated guess, IMHO.

            BTW, I LOVE this chain of stores. Have you had their prepared carnitas? They're awesome.

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              So I remembered they have recipes on their website.


              This may be close.

              It's similar to the best carne asada I've ever had was made with a dry rub (adobo) and an orange/lime marinade with onions and cilantro. The meat was dry rubbed in the butcher case, then they ran it through a meat tenderizer and only added the marinade when they bagged it.

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                This sounds right to me. I recall red powder (maybe ground chile?) and the juice of a fresh orange squeezed on the meat, after it was placed in a plastic bag.