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Oct 5, 2006 01:12 AM


Ok, so I'm thinking all of you have noticed the huge drop in King Crab (and snow crab) prices this past year. Recently, my local grocer has them on sale for $5/lb (to think, only 5 years ago, I was paying $20-25/lb). I have ALOT of it. I steam em, make crab cakes, put it in sushi, salad....what else can I do??? Can one really get sick of crab?

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  1. crab dip....crap puffs...crab crostini...crab canapes...crab stuffing...crab bisque...crab scampi....crab gratinee...crab newburg...crab gumbo....deviled crab...Me sick of crab? Not possible!

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      I'm with ya CCguy. Would like to add: Crab salad, Crab Louis, crab bisque - crab coated fish (thin fillets) lightly fried. Crab fritters, Crab au gratin. Oh my. I wish it cost 5$ a pound here in Chicago.

    2. We have at times had a lot of them on hand too. Once for a change I make King Crab Po'boys. They were fantastic.


      1. Where the hell ae you getting king crab for $5 a lb?

        1. In Ontario...Loblaws. 17.97 CDN for 3.5 lbs

          Jealous huh? =)

          I had a king crab omelette this morning. Also, spent 3 hours deshelling like 10lbs of it yesterday. I have a big pile of king crab leg meat sitting in a container in my fridge.

          Any1 got a good chowder or bisque recipe?

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          1. re: qtxniki

            I know, it's crazy. I'm in Toronto. Whenever I see it I have to buy it, because the bonanza could be over at anytime.

            I am going to make crab linguine with the bag I've got in the freezer now.

            1. re: qtxniki

              Make sure you save those bones qt.

              It's great for stock


              1. re: qtxniki

                How do you deshell them? I always make a mess of it and waste a lot of meat.

                1. re: Scagnetti

                  I just use a chopstick for the body segments. I use a nice pair of kitchen shears to cut down the leg, pop the meat out. Each piece should come out whole if the crab is fresh.

              2. I'm in T.O. How didn't I know! I've been sitting here assuming its as expensive as ever! I'm going to Loblaws (or somewhere else)!

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                  1. re: Atahualpa

                    Poor you...I hope you live in a neighbourhood that doesnt hoard them. My local Loblaws still has a ton of them, Yonge and Yonge.

                    Granted, I've been the one picking through every single bag to get the one with the largest legs. Some bags even have whole king crabs halves still all together.