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Oct 5, 2006 12:58 AM

New Orleans on Atlantic

Hi. I was riding in a cab on Atlantic Ave. the other night and noticed what seemed to be a New Orleans themed restaurant. It looked interesting and was wondering if it was any good?

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  1. Stan's Place? If so, it's pretty good. They have a really good brunch and some authentic New Orleans dishes. The owner/chef is NO bred and the couple of meals I've had there have been tasty.

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      I've only eaten weekday lunches at Stan's Place, and they have been very good. I like the po'boy sandwiches, the fried potatoes, the omelettes and the chicory au lait. If you are curious, it's definitely worth a try.

    2. My husband and I ate at Stan's for brunch last Saturday. We found it to be utterly mediocre. Service was slow and inattentive, even though the restaurant wasn't close to being crowded. They were out of the omelet my husband wanted to order, so he had to settle for something else. My cheese grits, although creamy, weren’t very cheesy and none of my food was warm when it was served to me. The beignets were greasy and disk-like (not fluffy). It's not worth a special trip.

      1. Have had dinner there twice and was unimpressed both times. It is inexpensive and BYOB, but the food while serviceable had no punch.