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Oct 5, 2006 12:28 AM

Thumann's roast beef--where can I find it?

My favorite roast beef is Thumann's brand--it is truly great. I get it at the Bristol Farms in Manhattan Beach/El Segundo. My only issue is that they only have the italian style, and while the beef itself is top-rate, I really don't like the extra saltiness of the italian-style preparation. I seek unadultered Thumann's roast beef. Is there anywhere I can find it in greater L.A.? Westside or Southbay preferred, if possible.

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  1. Check out the website says locations are under consctruction but you could contact them in the mean time.

    1. I believe Marconda's at the Farmers Market has it. They carry a lot of their products, including the pork roll. Might call first.

      1. Thumann's Roast Beef is definitely the best!!