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Oct 5, 2006 12:12 AM

Dinner in downtown San Jose?

I'm staying in downtown San Jose and I'd love a dinner recommendation. Last night we ate at 19 Market, which was praised by the SJ Mercury News, but was more than disappointing. We ordered two dishes and they both tasted the same. Like soy sauce. Like Lean Cuisine.:( So now I am afraid of reviews!

Any thoughts on the E&O Trading company? Other suggestions?


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  1. E&O Trading is just pretty typical Fusion Food - not spectacular but ok. Just FYI - Downtown SJ is not really known for its food but if to recommend a restaurant that I would have to say AP Stumps for it lamb chops or 71 St. Peters for its duck.

    1. I've heard 19 Market is disappointing too.
      E&O is asian fusion food. I've never eaten there but I've heard it is not spectacular.

      Seven on The Alameda is a little outside of the heart of downtown, but you can easily drive there (go west on Santa Clara St) or take the #22 bus a few blocks past the SJ Pavillion.

      Michael Mina has a restaurant called Arcadia

      The Loft Bar and Bistro on 2nd St is pretty good too.

      AP Stumps is near San Pedro Square and has very good new American cuisine

      1. I agree about restaurant "Seven". Not a burger joint, but I've heard from friends, they've got the best cheesburgers in town.

        Let me know, if you try, what you think.


        1. Thanks for all the recs so far. We ended up at the Grill at the Fairmont last night, and it was good but nothing spectacular. I did notice that they have baked smores on the dessert menu, so they may deserve another try.

          Anyone have any lighter suggestions? Vegetarian-friendly?

          1. This question has popped up several times in the past month. A search on downtown san jose should pull up very recent posts.
            Here's one that is pretty comprehensive:

            If you have specific questions about the resturants or one like the above, please let us know! :


            In regards to vegtarian friendly, White Louts is an all veg asian resturant on Market. Excellant fresh spring/ imperial rolls.
            I've heard of a new vegan resturant in downtown that opened up (a google search should find the name)...but I'm not a vegan so don't have much to report there.