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Oct 5, 2006 12:07 AM

Lunch Area - BackBay/Copley

I work in the Back Bay area and am sick of eating at Viga and Rebecca's. I work in the area so can't go too far - esp with winter coming, but any suggestions would be wonderful!!

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  1. You can get some delicious pannini at L'Aroma Cafe at 85 Newbury Streetacross from the new Filene's basement.

    They also have the best coffee in the neighborhood. We not only opt for it when we are out, we also buy our beans from them for home brew.

    1. I love the Greek salad at Cafe Jaffa, especially with chicken shawarma.

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      1. re: lissy

        I agree, but I think it's a little strange that put slices of intensely salty pickles in their salads.

        1. re: croutonweb

          I have to say, that is my favorite part.

      2. I just posted about the Nashoba Brook Bakery on the sandwich thread.I work in the Hancock tower and this is a long-time standby for great sandwiches.

        1. Chili Duck on Boylston is excellent Thai, especially if you order from the "authentic" menu. Kashmir on Newbury has a good Indian lunch buffet. Wisteria on Newbury is pretty good Taiwanese. I think Chili Duck is the gem of the area.

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            I like the burgers at Dillions and the service is quite efficient. I would also second the Chili Duck recommendation. Whenever I have been there the staff has been so friendly and accomodating. The "authentic" menu has some really spicy dishes!

          2. A slice from Newbury Pizza ALWAYS hits the spot. Tastes like New York pizza.