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Oct 4, 2006 11:55 PM

If you can't find Anchor Steam..

Anchor Steam is my favorite American beer to have when dining and I am not in the mood for wine. What beer taste closest to it. t is hard to find here in NYC.

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  1. Flying Dog Old Scratch is close, in fact the label used to poke fun at Anchor's trademark of "Steam." Flying Dog has very wide distribution so you could probably find it.

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    1. re: Kevin B

      New England Atlantic Amber might also fill the bill.

    2. you're not going to the right places! i see anchor steam in probably 50% of the restaurants I eat in that offer domestic beers. if they don't have it they usually have sierra nevada pale ale, which i think is a good substitute although a bit hoppier if you don't mind that. flying dog will be much harder to get in a restaurant. although all of them will be easily available in delis and grocery stores.

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      1. re: warrenr

        You know many places I ate seafood no longer carry it. My favorite budget meal was an Anchor Steam and an Oyster Pan Roast at the Oyster bar. They no longer carry it. The Blue water Grill stopped carrying it also.

        1. re: Sweatshirt Guy

          i love those places. what are they thinking? did they get anything good to replace anchor?

          1. re: warrenr

            I drink whatever IPA they have now. Harpoon's IPA is really big here right now.

      2. Fox & the Hound in Edison New Jersey.....

        1. Bouillabaisse 126 in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn has Anchor Steam and of course, seafood.

            1. re: Munchkin

              How do Stella and Amstel resemble Anchor Steam?