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Oct 4, 2006 11:52 PM

Small dinner party | Southern style menu | Need app & sert & drink ideas???

I am too overwhelmed and could use some help.

Here is the main course:
A slow-cooked pork shoulder
A creamy potato gratin
Braised greens

What I need are some great ideas for:

Sorry, I am just not so good when it comes to parings with a theme...unless it's the main course only.

Can you help?


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  1. mmm... i'm doing a slow-cooked pork shoulder this weekend too, but with cuban spices. as for your request, not sure how fancy or involved you're trying to get, but how about:

    non-alcoholic beverage - sunset - fill 1/2 a tall glass with fresh squeezed oj and ice, then float fruit punch on the top half. fun and what i usually get when i go to roscoe's ;)

    appetizer - i'm inclined to say a fresh salad since your main and sides are so heavy and rich. or maybe something with roasted beets and watercress or a bean salad.

    dave lieberman's young & hungry cookbook has a very interesting salad of watermelon and baby tomatoes with balsamic, basil and mint.

    dessert - sweet potato pie... =) or pecan pie!

    report back what you did and how it went if you can!

    1. Drinks: Sweet tea or mint juleps
      Apps: Are figs in season? If so, figs stuffed with a bit of manchego cheese, wrapped in prosciutto, and baked in a hot oven for 10 to 12 minutes. Not particularly Southern, but delicious.
      Desserts: Caramelized apples with mint

      I'd sub the potato gratin for a light spoonbread with beaten eggwhites, but either one would be great.

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        Was also thinking of sweet tea and mint juleps! Serve the tea in VERY large glasses!

        Apps: hush puppies

        For dessert, red velvet cake.

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          I third the vote for sweet tea and mint juleps! Your menu looks hearty and comforting, and I think too fancy a cocktail might not fit the style as well.

      2. Mint mojitos and the beet, goat cheese and pistachio salad from Epicurious:

        Or you could do Appletinis (apple martinis) as an ode to pork (done so often with apple).

        Apple fritters would be a tasty Southernesque dessert, perhaps with vanilla ice cream and cinnamon. <--- and by that I mean you should invite me! :


        (Here's a link to Southern Living magazine's apple fritters recipe - their recipe area also wouldn't be bad to browse for random Southern cuisine ideas): http://food.southernliving.com/southe...

        1. Bread pudding for dessert!

          1. Drink: If you mean a cocktail, then I would say something sweet and fruity says "southern". Like a rum punch. Otherwise, the answer is strong, sweet tea. But you knew that.

            App: A tomato tart, if you can still get good tomatoes. i like to make a tart w/ a biscuit crust, spread a little goat cheese and a hint of Duke's mayo, then layer with pretty tomatos. Be sure to serve at room temp. Frou-frou tomato sandwich.

            Or a green salad with a tiny ham biscuit along side. Or a crostini with goat cheese & fig preserves.

            Dessert: Pecan pie, coconut cake (but don't use that Paula Dean recipe, use martha stewart's recipe), german chocolate cake, pound cake w/ whatever fruit is seasonal, seasonal fruit pie (or cobbler).

            If you think your gratin recipe would work w/ sweet potatoes, that would be very southern, and I think the combo of pork, sweet pot., and greens is classic.