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Oct 4, 2006 11:45 PM

Fosselman's on the Westside!

After tasting Fosselman's mango sorbet last year at Mako, I was so entranced that I asked the restaurant if they knew whether it was available on this side of town in a retail store. (It was lunchtime and late, so Lisa, the co-owner, bless her heart, called Fosselman's and asked, and then offered to have a gallon delivered to the restaurant! I don't need that much ice cream, so I declined, but it's another reason to love Mako besides the food).

Anyway, last week at the Santa Monica Library's newish cafe, I saw that they had 4 or 5 kinds of Fosselman's ice cream in their freezer case and about 4 sorbets listed on the board. I tried the mocha almond fudge, and I have to say it was as good as any I've ever had. So...for you Fosselman's no longer have to get over to Alhambra or Arcadia or wherever their store is. (The only negative--the flavor selection is a little bit...shall I say...basic, but never mind, it's still great.)

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  1. There is a cafe in Koreatown called K-town cafe and I have seen a sign that says we serve Fosselman's ice cream. It is on Western between 9th and James Woods. I haven't checked it out yet but am very curious.

    1. They have Fosselman's at Bud's Deli on Ocean Park and 28th...and a good selection at that. The rainbow sherbert is amaazziinnngggg

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        That explains the Fosselman's at the library cafe. The place is run by Bud's Deli.

      2. I've also seen Fosselman's at the plaza at the corner of Overland and Venice. I forget the name of the restaurant - West Side Deli? It's right across from Red Brick Pizza.