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Oct 4, 2006 11:45 PM

Steak place search of a new place to try!

I want to take my boyfriend to a nice steak dinner. We've been to Gibson's, Chicago Chop House, Sullivan's, Morton's, Primehouse, Custom House, Avenue M, Nine, and I want to try something different!

Any feedback on any of these:
Drake Brothers
The Chicago Firehouse

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  1. Chicago Firehouse is nice....a little stuffy though. Haven't tried the others. Go to Meritage in Bucktown and order the steak, they have a great wine list and its not as "steakhousy." But if your heart is set, how about Ruth's Chris?

    1. I like Chicago Firehouse. They have a great rainbow trout.
      My husband is a big steak eater so we've been to most of the big steakhouses in the city. Have you tried Gene and Goregetti's? A totally different experience than the other places. It's definelty takes you back to the old school restaurants. But their steaks are considered one of the best.

      You might want to look at Smith and Wollensky too.

      1. I think Keefer's is the best of the bunch when it comes to steak. Of course, there's also the Fogo de Chao option if you want to really chow on copious quantities of red meat. Smith & Wollensky and Capital Grille could also round out your list.

        1. i've always had good luck at the saloon on chestnut street.

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            Agreed. My one experience at the Saloon was outstanding!

            Personally, I would avoid Stetson's at the downtown Hyatt, since my one experience there was not so great.