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Single Best Cocktail in LA?

I want to steal some great cocktail recipes...I already have pilfered from the Hungry Cat...What other bar/cocktail can I not pass up?

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  1. Katsuya on San Vicente serves a great cocktail called Burning Mandarin. Mandarin vodka with a bit of jalapeno--just the right balance of hot to sweet.

    1. Katsuya also has a ginger martini, and some sort of watermelon concoction that is also great.

      1. Apparently Yamashiro does a Lychee Martini that's supposed to be good. If you post the cocktails that you have cribbed from Hungry Cat on Homecooking board, would you pls post a link here?

        1. Martinis at Musso & Frank. Great stuff and the atmosphere and old bartenders are great.

          1. You can't beat the Ivy Gimlet! Minty and refreshing and it packs a punch.

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              Are you thinking the Ivy's Mint Julep? If yes, fabulous. Never had a gimlet with mint.

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                Nope, not Mint Julep. It's their house drink, gimlet.

            2. I LOVE the Ivy Gimlet!!!! My favorite drink, and no one does it like they do (and yes, it has mint)

              1. Wow, will most certainly go for it next time! Thanks!

                1. Buddha's Belly has a gingerita, made with shochu. I believe they make a strong tea with fresh ginger, mix in plenty of sugar while it's hot, cool it down and then serve mixed with shochu over ice.