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Oct 4, 2006 11:39 PM

Single Best Cocktail in LA?

I want to steal some great cocktail recipes...I already have pilfered from the Hungry Cat...What other bar/cocktail can I not pass up?

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  1. Katsuya on San Vicente serves a great cocktail called Burning Mandarin. Mandarin vodka with a bit of jalapeno--just the right balance of hot to sweet.

    1. Katsuya also has a ginger martini, and some sort of watermelon concoction that is also great.

      1. Apparently Yamashiro does a Lychee Martini that's supposed to be good. If you post the cocktails that you have cribbed from Hungry Cat on Homecooking board, would you pls post a link here?

        1. Martinis at Musso & Frank. Great stuff and the atmosphere and old bartenders are great.

          1. You can't beat the Ivy Gimlet! Minty and refreshing and it packs a punch.

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              Are you thinking the Ivy's Mint Julep? If yes, fabulous. Never had a gimlet with mint.

              1. re: Jesdamala

                Nope, not Mint Julep. It's their house drink, gimlet.