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Oct 4, 2006 11:35 PM

Leda's Cupcakes - Best Flavors?

I know people are a bit tired of the cupcake discussion, but I am going to ask for help nevertheless :-)

I have never had any cupcakes from Leda's, and need to know what the best flavors are. I will be getting 80-100 of these puppies, so I can definitely have a variety. They will not have Espresso available, but other than that, the sky's the limit.

I trust the 'houds to tell me the best flavors to get. Please help me make my rehearsal dinner a success!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Walk in and Ledette will provide you samples to taste if you are wanting that many, and then you can make your own recommendations.

    1. I loved the peanut butter, lemon, carrot cake and chocolate rasperry cupcakes. The ones I had that were *eh* were dulce de leche and white chocolate.

      1. I really love the passion fruit, those are so good! I could eat so many of those. My other favorite is the lemon, has a great lemony taste that isn't sugary, but actually tastes like lemons.

        1. Passion fruit, carrot cake, and lemon are the flavors I like best.

          1. Dulce de leche! It has a blob of caramel under the light buttercream frosting. I agree, passionfruit and lemon are pretty spesh, too.