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Oct 4, 2006 11:12 PM

Albany Thanksgiving

We have become empty nesters and none of our children will be home for Turkey Day. I do have a disabled sister for whom I am Guardian so we plan to take her out for Thanksgiving dinner. When this has occurred previously we have gone to Kirker's in Latham. Its OK but I am looking for a change. It must be handicap accessible. Suggestions please?

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  1. How about trying the Barnsider Restaurant. They are handicapped accesible and do serve turkey on Thanksgiving. They take reservations for six or more I beleive. Also you might want to think about Desmond's Thanksgiving buffet, Marriot Hotel on Wolf Road also has a buffet. If you don't want to get dressed up you can also try the Latham Circle as their food is fresh and well prepared for diner food.

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      Barnsider is not a choice I would jump to in Albany - turkey or not. Consider Jack's on lower State St or the Hudson Harbor down a ways past the Education Building (same general area). Call to see if either or both are have a traditional Thanksgiving menu if that is your focus. But either would provide an excellent dining choice in Albany.

      1. re: feelinpeckish

        Is the Hudson Harbor the old L'Auberge in the old Hudson Line ticket house?

        1. re: swarttav

          I think so. (and noone I know has ever been -- the only raves have been on this board!)

    2. I've been, and it's no rave. Mediocre steak and seafood joint, in an historic building. Jack's is a good suggestion, though.

      How about Olde Shaker Inn for Thanksgiving? Food's always good there, and it's certainly Americana.

      1. Chez Sophie in Saratoga is serving on Thanksgiving. Turkey and menu.