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Oct 4, 2006 10:44 PM


Is Kossar's still good for Baillys? Any decent bailys in the village?

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  1. Kossar's bialys are tops!

    1. Second that! Kossar's rocks.

      1. Third that. No finer bialy anywhere, that I know of.

        1. And don't forget to pick up dessert at the Donut Plant next door (and pickles across the street from The Pickle Guys and dumplings down Essex Street from Northern Dumplings and spicy pork jerky farther down on Canal from Ling Kee). By the way, it's spelled "bialys"

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            1. re: guttergourmet

              While you're at it, wash it all down with some coffee from Gertel's Bakery, around the corner on Essex.

                1. re: tamasha

                  i'm sad to hear that. i used to love their tzibla kichel [little onion rolls]. they were just scrumptious. i've been going there since i was a child, and i'm 42.

                  1. re: tamasha

                    Oh, that is awful news! What am I going to do for Passover cookies and cakes?!

                    Has it already shut its doors?

                    1. re: abrocadabro

                      It has not yet closed. Not sure when that will happen.

              1. do yourself a favor. if you go to kossar's, in addition to the yummy bialys get a pletzel [onion board].