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Oct 4, 2006 10:30 PM

Packaged grits in Savannah or Charleston: Which brands? Where to buy them?

Some friends who are heading down to Savannah and Charleston for a few days' R&R kindly asked if they could bring anything back for me.

"Artisanal grits" was my reply, since even the quick variety is impossible to come by here in Quebec.

"Great. Which brand and where do we buy them?" was their comeback.

I've read about Anson Mills but don't know if their products can be bought in retail outlets on or near the coast.

Any reccos about brands of artisanal grits and where to buy them in Savannah or Charleston?


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  1. If your friends can't find some try here. These grits will hold their own with Anson.

    Speckled Heart grits from Callaway Gardens Country Store are sold online by ; the minimum order is three 2-pound bags for $19.99 including shipping.

    Jim Dandy is one of the better brands found in stores. They have a coarser milling than some others.

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      I m a Callaway Gardens fan too and you can order them from Amazon. But tell your frineds to go to any grocery store and by-pass the instant and quick grits and just get you some regular long cooking grits. They will be delicious.

    2. I've had most of them and the grits I like the most RE "Charleston's Own" available in Piggly Wiggly - at least the one by Folly Beach. They have both yellow and white. I don't recall them as being particulalry expensive. They may not be in with the regular grits - I find them in a specialty rack.

      1. Nothing wrong with "Charleston's Own". If you want something a little special look for Carolina Plantation. They also sell rice that they grow south of Darlington, SC on the Pee Dee river.

        1. Sorry I forgot to say that Carolina Plantation products are hard to find. But you may buy the products by phone at (843)395-8058.They also have a web site that you can visit.

          1. The Pink House on Abercorn Street used to have artisanal grits, but I'm not sure anymore.