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Oct 4, 2006 10:17 PM

T'giving in Barcelona

My family is going to Barcelona to visit our college-age son for Thanksgiving. We're staying in an apartment and will make Thanksgiving dinner (we'll be chowhounding the rest of the time we're there!). Anybody know if we'll be able to get a big turkey in Barcelona? Where? Or should we try to bring one with us?
It'll be an adventure!
Thanks for any suggestions.

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  1. Your son should be able to order a big turkey ahead of time from any market stall specializing in poultry.

    1. Hi Zanny,

      I made my first thanksgiving dinner in Barcelona last year and my turkey was spectacular--better than anything I've had in the States! Because turkey, and I'd say most poultry and meat, is not mass produced in the same way it is in the US, the general quality is much better.

      Finding turkey is actually pretty hassel free. Turkey is not uncommon in Catalyuna but if you want a turkey that's more than 4 kg you need to order it in advance. I ordered mine 1 week in advance. I went to my usual poultry stall in the market and asked the woman for a 7kg bird. I think it came out to be about 20-25€. Tell them specifically if you want them to save the innards (mine were not included).

      Since Spanish ovens tend to be smaller than American ones, make use that the turkey you order will fit.

      When I went to pick up my turkey, I thought I'd be the only lone American dragging my large bird home but I noticed several large turkeys waiting to be claimed throughout the market.

      Good luck!!

      1. As an alternative, the Hotel Arts puts on a decent American Thanksgiving spread. It's not exactly like mom used to make, but pretty good.