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Authentic Chicago Style Pizza Pie Place???

I've been trying to find an authentic Chicago Style Pizza Pie place...the places i've been that claim to be Chicago Style doesn't come close? any suggestions?

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  1. BJ's brewery downtown Burbank claims to serve pizza chicago style but I've never been.

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      I know I'll get flamed, but BJ's isn't bad Chicago style deep dish pizza in a clinch.

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        not sice they started putting feta in it...

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          not one solitary thing about BJ's is Chicago style. Pizza Hut style maybe, but definitely not Chicago style.


      2. I'm a chicago pie lover and sadly, the choices here are Slim... Here's a recent post about the discussion...


        What I honestly suggest is get mail order Lou Malnati's pizza and while you wait for it get here enjoy a burrito or awesome asian food of your choice..



          1. geet,
            The first question I would ask is which places have you tried already and how don't they measure up? ANd by "Chicago-style" are you talking deep dish/stuffed or thin crust?

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              Deep Dish...I've been to Uno's and BJ's but after reading the chicago pizza discussion that Dommy posted...i guess i wrongly stereotyped Chicago Style as all being deep dish/stuffed...so what i'm really craving is a good stuffed pizza...after reading the wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicago-... , i realize that i have a lot to learn about chicago pizza types

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                Well, BJ's is what it is...I've always enjoyed eating and drinking there, but despite the name, it is not really
                "Chicago-style" deep dish. As for Uno, they even took the pizza out of their name and are now Uno Chicago Grill. I have found their pizza edible, but it is a shell of the original Pizzeria Uno and Due in Chicago, and I think it's a travesty that they are even loosely related/affiliated with each other.

                You've got the link to the other post so you should have at least 4 places to check out for deep dish/stuffed...Tony's Little Italy in Placentia (my regular fix), Chicago Pasta House in Moreno Valley (a long way's out and I haven't been in 3-4 years, but it was very good when I used to go more often), Masa in Echo Park (haven't been and they get mixed reviews but it is closer to "LA"), and Sal's Bit of Italy in Anaheim (which I am going to try and get to this weekend). I'll look forward to hearing what you think of any or all of these places!

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                  any of these chicago flat pizza style, by chance?

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                    Here's what I wrote in reply to your query last month...

                    Best thin crust "Chicago-style" pizzas I've had in SoCal are the well-renowned Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock, Little Tony's in North Hollywood (I think...it was a LONG time ago), and a local place new-to-me that I think makes a great very thin crust pizza, and that's BG Emilio's in Lake Forest. One note on BGE, I noticed last week that it may be changing hands to become "Boscoe's Sports Grill".

                    And, as far as the deep/stuffed places I mentioned, yes, they do thin as well. CPH's is very good and if you order it extra thin at TOny's Little Italy, you will get an excellent pizza as well.

            2. thank you for the wikipedia link.

              i'm looking for chicago thin-crust pizza here in LA. too bad it doesn't seem to exist though it should.

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                epop, Pascale's Pizza in Orange serves thin-crust Chicago pizza. They cut the pizza into small squares. The pizza is pretty good but I don't know how authentic it is compared to real Chicago pizza. I believe the owners are from Chicago.

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                  Wow, another place that's probably been around for awhile that I have never heard of here or elsewhere. Looks like a potential winner and the kids and I (wife is away this weekend) will give it a try on Sat or Sun!

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                    look fwd to a report, hopefully, RSMbob. for some reason i keep stalling on going to Casa Bianca, even.
                    maybe it is that i can't believe a thin chicago pizza exists anywhere outside of the S side. gd luck

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                      Well, first of all, you should get to Casa Bianca...it's worth the trip and so different from the pretentiousness of so many SoCal places. It is a neighborhood restaurant that just happens to serve some best pizza in SoCal.

                      Ok, now to Pasquale's on Chapman Ave in Orange which I visited on Sat afternoon with my 2 kids (wife was outta town). Occupies a large corner of a strip mall and has been there almost 10 years. Owners are from Chicago but were not present that afternoon. Ordered a family size sausage pizza and an appetizer. Friendly waitress and games there for the kids, they also serve an afternoon buffet which includes some pizzas kept in the warmer.

                      The sausage pizza arrived hot and was cut into fairly large squares. The crust was crisp and lightly browned and was considerably thicker than I had thought it would be. The cheese appeared to be a mozzarella blend and was melted nicely and the sausage was nice chunks underneath the cheese. My kids absolutely loved it but I found it a bit disappointing. It tasted somewhat bland and the sausage just didn't have a good taste to it. A pretty good value (esp with $5 off $25 coupon) and a very family friendly place. If I am in the area, I will go back and visit again (certainly worthy of a 2nd trip) but it's not the panacea that I was hoping for.

                      Ok, next place to try (assuming I can get out that way) will be Romano's in Riverside. From their website and what little I've read about them, it certainly does sound promising!

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                        Thank you Bob... you are my hero in this quest... :)


                1. a little far, but in Riverside.. Romano's Chicago Pizzeria and Romano's Family Italian Rest. are owned by the same guy from Chicago...NOT to be confused with Romano's Maccaroni grill. their thin crust is actually thin and their stuffed pizza is great but like any good Chicago stuffed pizza it takes 40 min to cook. go there..it's worth the trip.

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                    good to know but too bad so far-- thank you

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                      Shoot, this pizza thing is an expensive an time-consuming habit! Now another place (or places) I've got to check out! From their website (http://www.romanosrestaurants.com/) it looks REAL good, both thin and deep dish. They have a few locations, 2 of which have their "Chicago Pizzerias" it seems.

                      Interesting...if it's good that makes 4 in the SoCal area...and all are in points S and E of LA itself (CPH in Moreno Valley, Tony's in Placentia, Sal's in Anaheim and now Romano's). Thanks for the tip and we will try it out sometime soon!

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                        and another, found in a post from 5 years ago:

                        If you're in Orange County, go straight to Giorgio's of Chicago, 27000 Alicia Parkway, Laguna Niguel (in a strip mall next to Rubio's Fish Taco). These guys are transplants from Chicago and it is the real deal. The pizzas are excellent, not that doughy BJ mess; plus they have those Italian beef sandwiches with either the hot or sweet olive dressing (forgot the name), as well as Chicago dogs (with the tomato, pickle wedge, celery salt, etc. wrapped with fries). They have other stuff, but these three items are the best, IMHO. Good prices too. One of my South County favorites.

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                          Giorgio's closed about 5 years ago, sad to say...and the nearby Luke's, which also had great pizza, is gone as well. The owner's sone from Giorgio's now has a new place in Irvine called Chicago's Best. It's in a strip mall food court on Main betw Jamboree and Von Karman. No pizza, but all the other stuff, including Chicago hot dogs and italian beef and sausage. Really good stuff.

                          I feel like we are going 'round in circles...I authored a lot of rhe Giorgio's posts years ago!

                    2. finally went to casa bianca. i'd put it off for a year b/c of disappointment probabilities. some of that is due to posters that are looking for NY style pizza when going to Casa-- i happen to have lived in nyc for 20 years + never cared that much for their pizza.

                      last week i had aurelio's so i had a taste for more.

                      my verdict: a fine substitute. i loved casa bianca. the crust could be better (got it crispy) but i liked it even more than the vegas aurelio's.

                      unbelievable what this city holds!