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Oct 4, 2006 10:15 PM

north shore shacks

My Mom and brother are comming to town and Mom wants to see some cute towns. I want food, and my brother wants a dive bar, where do we go. I've heard of woodmans is there anything else on the north shore I should look into?

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  1. What type of "shacks" are you looking for Lambi? Truthfully, Woodman's wouldn't be my first destination spot, Farnhams, Essex and Clam Box have been well reviewed here on the board over the past several months and I can vouche for all of them. But as for other types of shacks...can you get more specific??

    1. You could go to Essex Seafood or Farnham's on Rt. 133 then into Gloucester for a walk down Main St. and hit one of the bars by the waterfront like Carlo's (does Whoopie Goldberg still work there?) or the place where they filmed Perfect Storm. For a more upscale drink, you could go to the Franklin or White Rainbow on Main St. I'd suggest Rockport but they definitely don't have dives up there and the shacks aren't as abundant.

      1. In Ipswich, you could go to the Clam Box. Then the Choate Bridge Pub has a pretty nice atmosphere. I'm not sure if I'd call it a "dive" but it is definitely nothing fancy.

        1. I second Choate Bridge Pub both for food and drinks and - Park Lunch in Newburyport is another option - great fried seafoood and bar (they aren't just open for lunch).

          1. Word is that Whoopie is no longer at Captain Carlos.

            Another option is Rocky Neck area of Gloucester. For dinner/bar try The Rudder but it's only open Thurs-Sun at 4pm thru Oct 8. Madfish Grill is open for lunch and dinner but I think it is seasonal too.