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Oct 4, 2006 10:09 PM

Chicago with Girlfriends

I'm going to be spending 2 nights in Chicago w/two good girlfriends in late October. I'm looking for a couple of good restaurants with great food where, hopefully, we can hear each other talk and have a long, leisurely dinner without being rushed. Sushi is out as one of the women is pregnant, but otherwise no limitations. We'll be staying near the Magnificent Mile, but don't mind travelling to another area of the city.

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  1. It is not clear what you mean by "great food," and how much you want to spend. Are you looking for a top drawer gourmet experience, or something more modest?

    If you are looking for gourmet dining in a quiet restaurant, with leisurely service, I would recommend either Les Nomades or Everest. But both of these are quite expensive.

    If you are looking for good food,in a quiet restaurant that will let you linger, I would recommend La Sardine in the West Loop. There are lots of other restaurants that would fit into this category too, but first you should give us more definition on how you are defining "great food," and what you are willing to spend for it.

    1. I really recommend Avec for dinner. It has a sharable menu and the atmosphere is so relaxing-it feels like you're eating in a spa.

      Go for a drink beforehand at Randolph Tasting Room...

      And the Chocolate Cafe for dessert...

      have fun!

      1. I like La Sardine (and their $25 prix fixe dinner on Tuesdays is a great value) but I'd hardly go there if I wanted to be assured of a "long, leisurely" conversation-friendly dinner (It's not called La Sardine for nothing). Brasserie Jo and Kiki's Bistro are two other dependable French bistros downtown with perhaps a more relaxed ambience.

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          "It's not called La Sardine for nothing"

          Why is it called La Sardine?

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            I don't know the true derivation of its name but this from a recent review of another restaurant by Michael Stern: "Margon actually looks larger from the outside. Inside, it is sardine-can tight." My experience inside La Sardine has been similar.

        2. Kevin has great food in a leisurely setting. I have never had a bad meal or a bad experience there. Also it helps that although it has excellent food, is usually isn't jam packed as some other places that deliver the same level of service or food.
          Some other places I would recommend are Spring and Green Zebra.

          I think I saw Avec recommended? As much as I love the food and atmostphere at Avec, not sure that under "normal" conditions, it can be classified as "leisurely" due to its communal seating and no reservation rule which always has people waiting in the entrance. If you want to go there and it be leisurely, I would say, you should go early or late on a weekday.

          1. Braserrie Jo is a nice choice and has an open floor plan - tables not packed together like you see in many Bistros. Its also near the mag mile, so it would be an easy walk through a busy neighborhood.

            A few blocks farther to the west is Coco Pazzo - an upper tier, but still casual, Italian. Another good place for a leisurely meal. Excellent food and service, tables well spaced, and I have never felt rushed there over many visits.