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Looking for Recs-Most Chowhoundish Frozen Items at Costco

Just got back to work after 5 weeks of bonding with my baby boy...and getting really tired of eating almost every dinner from a restaurant. So need help in finding some good frozen items from Costco that I can put on the table quick. I'm in Los Angeles and usually go to the Costco in Alhambra.


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  1. The potstickers - sorry, don't know the brand.

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      second the potstickers. also, for non-frozen: the cucumbers they sell are great chopped w/lemon,salt, and olive oil. they also have very good marcona almonds. and hummus.

      sorry can't be of more help.

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        Is it Ling Ling? With a Panda on it?

        They have good frozen spinach ravioli. I can't open the cream puffs without eating the whole box. They had an Alaskan salmon that was marinated that I tried as a sample that was good. The best thing at Costco is going around and trying all the samples so when you have a free afternoon, just hang out there and eat. Also, I haven't tried them but they have a lot of non-frozen premade entrees that look okay, like stuffed salmon, chicken, etc.

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          Yes! I was even going to write "the panda potstickers".


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            a free afternoon with a 5 week old...LOL...actually maybe that'll be one of our excursions this weekend to give mama a break.

        2. I'll tell you what NOT to get: The Margaritaville Chicken Wings. Bleh! (And we're not super-picky eaters!)

          1. Manderin Orange chicken. We bake it and microwave the sauce.

            1. We are never without a bag of their cheese raviolis...and those Panda potstickers too! Do try to pick up their frozen salmon. IQF in their own little bags...oh! and the mahi mahi too.

              You did say frozen...but you gotta pick up some of the rotisserie chicken. I cut it up and put in right back in the lid and cover it with foil. I freeze the carcass for soup. Yum.

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                Yes! The Kirkland Four-Cheese Ravioli is way good.

              2. don't know if you have the Shepard's Pie in your Costco, but it is pretty good. the "panda" potstickers are pretty good so i agree with that.

                1. The Handy crabcakes are excellent. Made in Crisfield Maryland (although the crab itself is imported). Mostly crab, not much filler at all. 6 nice size hand-made cakes for about $10.

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                  1. not really anythign special but, the 5 cheese pizza is the best frozen pizza ive ever tasted, and then u can add ur left overs to it!

                    1. frozen raw peeled shrimp is good and works out to be a nice deal -- not exactly prepared foods, but they take less than 2 minutes to cook. just rinse in warm water and throw into a hot pan with a dash of scallions, chillies, or practically any simple flavoring. not so frozen, but gotta love the huge boxes of cashews...easy snack while you play with the baby!

                      1. The rotisserie chickens are fabulous, and the meat can be used in so many ways...if any leftovers from just eating plain or with a bit of a condiment. Sandwiches, chicken salad come to mind. Congratulations on the baby boy! Joyous!

                        1. Congratulations!

                          After my daughter was born this is how I survived:bought loads of the bags of frozen fish (salmon, cod, mahi mahi all in individual packets), the garden burgers, bags of the peppers,onions, zuchini, and the portobello mushrooms and occasionally the strip or rib eye steaks and bonless chicken breasts and bottles of the kirkland extra virgin olive oil.

                          I also bought a large george Foreman Grill. I would just thrown sliced veggies on there with the fish or steaks, sprinkle with oil, salt, pepper, and herbs if I had the energy. About 5 mins or so i would pull the plug (seared at this point) and let the rest cook in the remaining heat for another 5 mins, open it up and fish(actually takes less time) or meat was done to perfection and the veggies were lovely too. If you don't want to bother with slicing the veggies just throw some frozen peas in a pot to go with your fish or meat and you have a decent healthy meal that will make a nice change from take out.

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                            This is also how I am surviving in college, and I suspect how I will survive through law school...the Foreman grill and Costco is a formidable combination.

                            Not frozen, but two things that are easy to prep:

                            - Costco also sells the same brand of rice that I get at Asian supermarkets (three elephants on the front, in a large white sack)
                            - hummus - the Hannah's brand is really good.

                          2. I've gotten fond of a Costco-sold frozen product called Birds Eye Voila Garlic Chicken. It's a frozen mixture of grilled chicken breast meat chunks, rotelli pasta, broccoli, carrots and corn. Prepare in skillet or microwave in any quantity. It can be doctored, but it's good made as directed. I tend to give it a splash of Tabasco sauce, then stir or toss well, then sprinkle with grated romano, parmesan or grana. It's fast, it's easy and the nutrition numbers don't look too bad, although the sodium figure may bother some.Comes in a three-pound bag for around $9.

                            1. The "panda" people also make egg rolls but they are not as good as the potsickers.

                              The coconut shrimp are not good.

                              The frozen mini quiches are pretty dry.

                              But I do love the potstickers, cheese ravioli and crabcakes!

                              1. Their frozen organic green beans are excellent, and a great value. Also, 2nd the rotisserie chicks. Frozen chick pot pies are good as well as their the frozen salmon.