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Oct 4, 2006 09:43 PM

Pickling salt?

I've got a recipe for pickled green beans that calls for pickling salt? I know that pickling salt is non-iodized salt. However, I do not know if it is truly necessary to use pickling salt or would sea salt also do the trick just fine. Any experienced picklers out there who could lend a novice pickler a friendly piece of advice?

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  1. You can use Kosher salt, but because Kosher salt isn't as fine as pickling salt you'll either need to use about twice as much or grind it in a salt mill before measuring it.

    Some sea salts have additives, the same as table salt. Read the label of your sea salt. If it has no additives, you can use it. And if you do decide to use your sea salt, it would probably be a good idea to grind it to fine just to be sure of the measurements.

    1. Pickling salt is also very pure so it doesn't turn pickles dark or the juice cloudy. Only use kosher salt if you can't get pickling salt and measure by weight not volume.