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Oct 4, 2006 09:34 PM

Food stops in sonoma

My husband and I will be staying in the town of Sonoma on the weekend of October 27th/28th. I'm looking for foodie places to visit during the day since I'm pregnant and can't spend the day wine tasting. I searched the boards on "Sonoma" and found a post about Hardin Gardens, which looks interesting and will still be open until the 29th. I also want to stop at the Fig Pantry.

Does anyone have other suggestions for artisanal cheese (cheese tasting instead of wine tasting?? yum) or olive oil purveyors in the area that accept visitors? Or maybe wineries that have food or garden tours, so the focus isn't entirely on tasting the wine?

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  1. I'm glad you chose the Sonoma side because you'll have many more non-wine choices. Here's my recent post to give you a start.
    Holler if you need more details on some of them.


    1. I love the Cheesmaker's Daughter. It was on the above list. It's about half a block off the town square, mmm, south east corner, south side of the block. I've always had great service there and yummy cheese!

      Another non-food thing to do while up there is the Cornerstone Gardens. It's by the old airport on your way into town.

      1. Yeah, I second (third?) Cheesemaker' Daughter and Vella. If you are driving distance to home, pick up some Vella butter which is the best I've had in the Bay Area.

        Sonoma Market is so worth stopping by. The Saturday morning Farmer's market a few block's up from the girl and the fig is a nice stop. Not big, but pleasant.