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Sunday brunch help

Hey all,

I'm coming into NYC from out of town and need a Sunday brunch suggestion. I'm looking for something quality obviously, but not super trendy - taking my gf to meet my folks... Ideally, I'd like something cheaper than a place like Pastis. I'm flexible about neighborhoods.


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  1. I love AOC on Bleecker Street. I've only been there for weekday brunch-time, not weekends ... I imagine there's a bit of a wait as everywhere else, but that aside it's quite lovely.


    1. We've always enjoyed the brunch at Gascogne. Very good food. Small space with charming ambiance. $17.50 prix-fixe.


      1. Quantam Leap on Thompson street in the village. Greatpancakes and anice atmospere. It is a little crunchy though. It is low key but fun and the food is excellent.

          1. the latin/ asian fusion food at bright food shop in chelsea is great for brunch. not too much in terms of atmosphere but food makes up for it. the pancakes and heuvos rancheros are spectacular.

            1. Expensive and elegant. Asiate in the Time Warner building - great views of the city on the 30th floor.

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                I don't think Asiate is cheaper than Pastis.

              2. Café Mogador
                101 St. Marks Place (between 1st Avenue and Avenue A), 212-677-2226

                They have an intersting Morrocan brunch. Something a little different.

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                  I love Brunch!
                  a couple great places in the East Village:
                  La Palapa - St Marks and 1st Ave - Spanish food - $12.50 prix fixe
                  Cafe Orlin - also on St. Marks - great vibe - really good traditional brunch
                  and already said - but Jane is really, really good but you have to get a reservation - gets crowded there!

                2. Cookshop - and it takes reservations which is a plus. I believe Jane does to. Use opentable.

                  1. Aquagrille has a good brunch and they also take reservations.

                    1. Five Points has a great brunch and a very nice interior. Plus you can hear the conversation at your table. I also agree with Lucia on Deborah and Jane, both great options.