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Oct 4, 2006 09:10 PM

Rechiutti Chocolates at Dean and Deluca [[ moved from SF Bay Area ]]

So all this talk about the Ferry Building and Rechiutti Chocolates has reminded me that when i was in NYC last month i ducked in to a Dean and Deluca and as we were wandering around i noticed that the chocolate counter was displaying some beatiful treats. on closer inspection, one whole shelf in the case was filled with Rechiutti Chocolates! i smiled and noticed the mark up on each piece and pointed it out to my friend (an NYC native) who said "Oh that is that amazing chocolate that you had me try when i came to visit you last year."

So i guess it is true, there is very little you can't find in NYC if you look hard enough....

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  1. Wow.. thats cool, I have his book and try to make his chocolates when time and patience is available. I love his chocolate covered almonds. I hope they have them there, they are awesome. The burnt caramel ice cream in his book is redunkulous.

    1. All i did notice was that they had the burnt caramel AND they had the Bergamot flavor AND they had my very favorite the Pearl Mint Tea.

      I highly reccomend you try that one if you trek to Dean and Deluca for the chocolate.

      p.s. redunkulous is a great word.