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Oct 4, 2006 09:06 PM

good places that say NEW YORK, NEW YORK for not-too-adventurous tourists

all the women in my family are coming for a visit---their first time in New York in 30 years---and I want to be sure to take them to some definitive New York spots. the only problem is, they aren't too adventurous when it comes to food, and I also don't want to give them a heartattack when they get the New York restaurant bill. they are staying in Times Square, but of course we can travel....any suggestions?

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      1. Times Square is dangerous. Too many familiar chain restaurants. Katz's is an excellent choice for something uniquely New York. Also you could go down to Little Italy and pop into whichever place suits your fancy and have a decent meal for not too much money. Although... there IS a new branch of Junior's 'round the corner from the Marriott Marquis if that suits your fancy: best cheesecake in the world.

        Most importantly: what KIND of food do they like?

        1. Tourists (from near and far) love Italian food at Carmines (Times Square and UWS) and in Little Italy. New Yorkers run a mile from these places, but if you stick to some of the *better* Little Italy places, you're in good shape.

          Benito II, 163 Mulberry St
          Angelos on Mulberry St.- (RAVES)
          Il Cortile in 125 Mulbery Street- (RAVES)
          Il Palazzo (151 Mulberry)- (RAVES)

          Or have dinner in nolita - Va Tutto or Peasant - then walk the few blocks and have cannoli at Ferraras.

          1. Pizza...Arturo's, Totonno, John's.... Chinese food in dogs @ Papaya King...not expensive, not & VERY New York-y....