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Oct 4, 2006 08:58 PM

Craft has no tasting menu?

I was surprised to find, when calling Craft for a reservation today, that they do not offer any kind of tasting/degustation menu.

Certainly, there menu layout differs from the norm, but the idea of a tasting, to me, is that you are just fed whatever is either a)freshest/best b) a signature dish.

That's throws a wrench into my two tasting menu plan in NYC as I don't feel, just by ordering from the menu, with only two people (my wife and I) we'd truly get an idea of what the restaurant is about.

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  1. Invite someone to join you? We're going on Friday night with another couple, wanna' join us?

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    1. re: lisette

      I'd love to, except for the small detail that I'm in St. Louis.

      I was looking to make a reservation for early November.

    2. On many occasions I've ordered at Craft just by specifying number and type of courses and letting the chef decide what to send out. Amounts to the same thing.

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