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teppanyaki in mississauga

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anyone know any good teppanyaki restaurant in sauga region? If so, can you give me an estimate for each person? It'll be dinner. Thank you!

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  1. There's Prince Steakhouse on Eglinton west of Pearson. It's OK and not outrageously expensive. Call 'em.

    1. I was just recently at Prince----agreed, it is very good. Order the fried rice---yummy.

      1. Prince is good, but I prefer Iron Chef Japanese Steak House Asian Cuisine. Price is very similar to Prince; not expensive. They are located at 4920 Tomken (Tomken and Eglignton).

        1. So how was Iron Chef? Looks aren't everything but it resembles a fast food joint. Someone, perhaps unreliably,told me it was a mishmash of Chinese/Korean/Japanese. I'll try it on your rec. What's the deal?

          1. Iron chef was great in my opinion and I wasn't the only one prefer it over Prince Steak House as all my co-workers think the same. However, we are a whole bunch of people who are neither Chinese, Korean, nor Japanese :) Give it a try....we had the teppanyaki when we went there for lunch. Yum!