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Oct 4, 2006 08:24 PM

visiting son at Seattle University

Please recommend lunch and casual dinner places to take son and a few of his friends. Has anyone been to Wild Ginger?

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  1. RLP, For college guys, The Kingfish Cafe for dinner. For lunch: The Coastal Kitchen. Many local hounds bad-mouth Wild Ginger. (I'm not one of them.) But I do think there are better choices for feeding University Hounds and Kingfish & Coastal are two of them. Also, the hot pots at Seven Stars (in the International District) are another option.

    1. sorry, i have to be one of the ones that don't care too much for wild ginger. but, do you have a budget or cuisine in mind. The International District is just full of great places to take a group of college students for lunch and dinner. How far from the University do you want to go. I agree with Walters in that the Kingfish Cafe and The Coastal Kitchen are good places, both of which are close by.

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        I will agree with the no on wild ginger, and third the recommendation for kingfish and seven stars pepper, but i can't quite agree with the coastal kitchen rec. i lived around the corner for years, and wanted to like it, but i've never had a decent meal there.

        that said, there's plenty in the area to choose from. for excellent and reasonably priced pasta in a nice atmosphere, osteria la spiga on broadway and union; via tribunale for neapolitan pizza in a gorgeous setting; baguette box for great sandwiches, on pine street by the I-5 overpass; 22 doors up on 15th for a good burger. or just take your chances and use your judgement in the International District or around Pike Place Market.

      2. For Lunch you can't really beat Tatt's. Get their Tattstrami or their cheesesteak. It's laid back and if they've never been there before, you'll make fans out of them and be there hero for introducing them to the Tattstrami. Go all the way and get the fries with Whiz on top.

        As others have said, I'm also not a fan of Wild Ginger.

        1. You might want to consider Hot Pot, either at Seven Stars Pepper or (better and cheaper but more casual) at Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant, both at 12th and Jackson, a dozen blocks from SU. Hot Pot (huo guo) is like fondue, but with broth instead of cheese for cooking the meats, vegetables, tofu, and noodles. It is fun and a ton of food. At the Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant (NW corner, strip mall) the Mandarin spicy fish and the Sichuan boiled fish (shui zhu yu) are both worth writing home about. The best appetizer, if you love dumplings, are the ones called "ravioli," 20 for $4.50, with a great dipping sauce.

          1. The university area has great food that i never seem to check out because I inevitably stuff myself silly at Agua Verde- you simply must try it! Cheap, cheap (even cheaper at lunch) and really different mexican food with a great salsa bar. I can't go to Seattle without stopping by. Its down on the water, tiny little place, lines are common but woth it! You have to go!