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Oct 4, 2006 08:19 PM

I am done with Haru

Haru is by far the cheapest and most petty chain I have ever had to deal with.. I started ordering from Haru 5 years ago over in midtown east. It was a solid place and have also been to that branch many times. In all the years I ordered from them they have never given me a break or benefit of the doubt on anything.. I had numerous problems and pricing issues and of course it always went there way.. As a regular they even charged me like a buck for there spicy mayo. Whatever, I understand its on the menu, but I am talking on a hundred dollar group order they wouldnt kick me a spicy mayo.. (Hint its srirachi and mayo)

Brings me to the UWS and last night.. For the past 2 years my girl has been ordering wasabi tobiko hand roll. I have been paying 6.50 a piece for them. Including last week..Last night they tell me its going to be 8.50 for the roll because its not on the menu and they charge an extra 2 bucks if the request isnt on the menu.. I then order a sashimi salad and they have taken that off the menu. They have something similar but its seaweed instead of lettuce. Ok, can you just exchange the seaweed for lettuce.. Nope, sorry another 2 bucks because its not on the menu. I speak to the manager, politely tell him my history, my story, and my request. So sorry, but tough tuna.. I say even if this means I will never order from you guys again.. Yes, so sorry, there is nothing I can do..

Well there is something I can do.. I will never step foot or order from Haru again.. If you go to Haru, please take notice of there nonesense..

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  1. Don't they also charge some ridiculous amount for plain green tea? I've been there once and never went back. I thought they were over priced in general. You don't see too many Japanese people dining in there. That should tell you something.

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      Well Haru is run by Chinese not Japanese folks. I agree it isn't all that; there are better options in the city now.

    2. I've been to haru around 48th and madison many times, have never had anything but polite, efficient service. I think the food is fairly priced for whats on the plate. I typically stick to sushi, my wife is more adventurous and has had the thai soup (great) and the duck (surprisingly, great).

      1. I've had similar experiences with them. When I lived on East 76th Street, the Haru up there was a lot nicer.

        Now that I'm in Midtown East, I've also been disappointed at how unbelievably petty they've become.

        You can't even get an extra (1.5 oz.,half-full) cup of salad dressing without being charged. And when they sent me Diet Pepsi instead of Diet Coke without informing me, I was told it was "the same thing".

        1. In addition to the service, the quality of the food at Haru (East 76th, West 81st, Times Square) has gone way down.

          1. FYI, Haru is owned by the Benihana chain since 1999. If you're really upset I'm sure someone at the corporate level would love to hear about it.

            Maybe this site can help you find where to turn: