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Oct 4, 2006 08:12 PM

Jonathan's in Menlo Park?

Current talk of gumbo on the board brings to mind Jonathan's on Willow in Menlo Park . . . anyone tried the gumbo here?


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  1. I tried. They had none. No jambalaya either. Recommendation is to call ahead should you want either one of those. (650) 323-1092 or (650) 323-1093.

    I did have the catfish and chips. The catfish was done in a cornmeal coating and was wonderfully juicy and sweet. The fries were nothing to write home about. Next time I think I'll get the fish & grits instead. Had the fried okra. No great shakes there, although it was done in the same coating as the fish. Quite a selection of fish tonight. They had a tilapia special in addition to the usual red snapper, sole, and whiting. On the fish list was also buffalo, but I haven't figured out that one yet.

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      Thanks for the update, Peter. I've had fried buffalo fish at a now closed fish fry place in Vallejo. It is a very bony fish and I didn't find the flavor compelling enough to be worth the trouble.