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Oct 4, 2006 08:10 PM

Oktoberfest other than at....

Looking for Oktoberfest in a fun place other than Alpine Village or all the way up in Big Bear. Been there done that and it's not all that IMHO. Driving/distance not a factor. Now I'm undecided between Red Lion in Glendale, Old Vienna in Ventura, or Knolls Black Forest. The last two which I've never been to. Looking for great Oktoberfest beer, food & atmosphere. Thanks folks.

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  1. This Saturday Oct. 7, There is an Octoberfest in Montrose. They shut down a couple blocks of the street from noon until 11pm serve beer, brawts, etc. The local merchants usually have sidewalk sales and the like, cheesy german bands are playing, there are rides for the kids, all in all a good time. Pretty much families until the sun goes down and then the younger crowd comes out. After 11 when the street closes the local bars pop off, though most of them try to get a cover charge. Check out Barru, it's one of the nicer ones in the area, but they have the lowest cover. They have reasonable prices, great food, and a couple hot bartenders.

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      If the Montrose "Oktoberfest" is the still the same as when I went 2 yrs ago- You'll be VERY disappointed. The ONLY things that make it Oktoberfest are the name, a few (VERY few) German food items. and the "cheesy german bands". Otherwise it's a pretty lame small street fair. It was sponsored by Budweiser so surprisingly (sarcasm) the only beer available was .... Bud. Budweiser for crying out loud at a so called "Oktoberfest". They didn't even attempt to set up an outdoor/courtyard beer hall.

    2. Unless I'm mistaken, Knoll's Black Forrest in Santa Monica has been closed for well over a year...

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        Well, that eliminates one of three

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          Knoll's Black Forest has been closed now for over 4 years...bummer.

        2. There's the one at Old World Village in Huntington Beach. Never been, can't say how it is.

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              oktoberfest venue of course!

              never been to the old world village oktoberfest either but i might check it out this year.

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                We're going this year... Old World Village is really, well, er, it's a fake German village in the middle of the suburbs next to the freeway... so don't go expecting Alpine vistas.

          1. The Phoenix Club in Anaheim has Oktoberfest from:

            September 23 — October 29

            • Fridays, 6 pm - midnight • Saturdays, 6 pm - midnight • Sundays, 11 am to 8 pm •

            Admission: $8.00, ages 13 and older.


            1. Old Vienna, is a poor choice for anything more then food and a single aging accordin player who knows only six songs, three of which are Italian.
              The food is good and if one is in the area, fine, but not worth a long drive.