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Oct 4, 2006 07:52 PM

Special Occasion Italian?

Does anyone recommend a GREAT italian place near beverly hills, brentwood, etc. that is romantic and good for small groups? I will am planning a post-wedding ceremony dinner for about 15 people and want to go somewhere that is truly special and delicious! i've been thinking of peppone, la dolce vita, trilussa, etc. thanks!

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  1. The food may not be the best in LA at Il Cielo, but the setting is certainly one of the most quaint, romantic, and private areas in BH.

    I've been there when there is another dinner party going on in the garden, and it's a perfect place for a small party without too much intrusion. They also have private banquet rooms.

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      thank you! i know, i've visited (never eaten) there, but i may have to do the dinner on sunday--and that's the one day they're closed...

    2. capo in santa monica! yum!

      1. La Terza at Third and Orlando is same owner as Angelini Osteria (but much larger than Angelini). It's not Romantic (with capital R) but the food is very good as is the service. Il Moro on Olympic in West L.A. has a lovely patio with a stream and waterfall. The food is good, if not great. They also have one or more private rooms. Previous poster mentions Capo, which I understand to be one of the most expensive restaurants around but food is supposed to be very good (out of my price range).

        1. I would recommed either Vincenti (on San Vicente near Bundy) at the high end or Il Moro (On Purdue near Olympic) at the more moderate end as both offer private dining areas (Il Moro also has the outdoor patio if you prefer). Drago (on Wilshire near 26th) also might work. Valentino just got its old chef back but I have not yet been to see how he is cooking these days. Although the food at Angelini Osteria is wonderful, the place may be too cramped for your needs and may be too far East. His La Terza is a very good substitute but, again, might be farther East than you want (3rd St. near Sweetzer).

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            Had dinner there for a Bday celebration couple years ago...eight or so women and it was the worst dinner I believe I've ever had anywhere. The service was horrendous, meals were not delivered as ordered, food came out cold, really awful and expensive. Never went back and never will.

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              Are you taking about Vincente? The poster you are replying to mentions 6 different restaurants, so your response is confusing.

          2. i second the rec for vicenti and i also really like pizzicoto for the less high end, good price and amazing food!

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              While I used to eat at Pizzicoto fairly often, I would never recommend it for a group of 15 - or even a group of 6. Too cramped by far...

              Drago could handle a group that big though - and make a fussy presentation of service (which can be fun sometimes).