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Oct 4, 2006 07:51 PM

Need dinner rec for Atlanta, near Sheraton on Courtland

I will be in staying at the Sheraton on Courtland St. and will be without a car. Is there any noteworthy ethnic or New American cuisine within say 1/2 - 3/4 mile walk? Links to restaurant Web sites would be helpful.


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  1. Might you be willing to take MARTA (subway)? Your hotel is not in the most noteworthy dining area, although others may know of something worthwhile.

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      Yes, I think I can get around on MARTA.

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        From what you have asked for, with a very short train ride to midtown and a short walk , you could try either Ecco (new Italian restaurant getting excellent reviews):

        or The Globe.

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          without a car the globe may be your best NewAm option. Take sMarta north to North Avenue Station. Exit the station and follow the direction of one way traffic on West Peachtree to 6th. Turn left, cross over Spring and the Globe will be on the right.

    2. If you like Asian, there is a nice place near the Marriott called Pacific Rim. Good sushi and a nice selection of other things (Thai, Chinese, etc.)
      Very near your hotel. A couple of blocks.

      1. Might be pushing the limit of your 3/4 mile distance, but it would be a nice walk through Centennial Olympic Park, Spoon on Marietta serves up high quality Thai food in a nice setting and nice prices.

        Also on Marietta, closer to CNN center is Endenu. The food has been hit and miss the couple times I've been but it has a great eclectic vibe and great decor.

        1. I ended up at the Sundial for Sunday brunch. They just started a new menu, so the one online at is out of date.

          I had a roasted beet salad which consisted of red and yellow beets, winter greens, aged goat cheese and an ice wine vinaigrette dressing (approx $7


          For an entree I had the grilled flat iron steak w/ mushroom jus. It was served with two poached eggs with Hollandaise sauce over a red potato mash -- red, green and yellow peppers (approx $18).

          Everything was very good, and I enjoyed the view of the city.

          I had dinner Monday at Ecco, and everything was great. There was an hour wait for the dining room so I sat in the lounge.

          Arugula and canary melon salad with shaved parmigianino and lemon herb dressing (approx $8)

          Chili braised pork with garlic and homemade pappardelle ($16)

          Roasted strawberries with crushed almond semifreddo ($8)

          Thanks for the recommendations!

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            Thanks for posting your experiences. One bad thing about the numerous "I'm staying downtown and don't have a car" posts is that most folks don't report back, so it is hard to know if the advice we keep giving over and over is any good!

            I personally have enjoyed the Sundial and am glad to know there is a new menu. Sunday brunch there is a great idea. Ecco sounds good as well. Have yet to make it over there.

            Thanks again for the info and enjoy the rest of your stay.