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Oct 4, 2006 07:45 PM

Birthday dinner recommendations in Philly

I am looking for places to take someone out for their birthday next Friday or Saturday night in Philadelphia. The neighborhood doesn't really matter that much but I was thinking more along the lines of Rittenhouse, Old City, or Center City. I guess I am somewhat open to the type of food although I know that I don't want anything asian. Maybe something like American, Spanish, or Italian. I'd like to try to stay in the price range of something less than $150 for everything including tip and drinks. I have read several reviews about the quality of food at various restaurants but I guess the reason that I am asking is that I think that for an occasion dinner I would be more inclined to put an emphasis on the atmosphere than having the absolute best food possible. In other words, I am looking for something that's more romantic/quiet but still worth going to as far as the eating is concerned as opposed to a noisier place even if the food is better.

I also need to find a place for good dessert as I may possibly take her out to dinner on Friday night and then some place else for dessert in the city on Saturday. Suggestions are welcome and very much appreciated.

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  1. I like Dessert. I think it has the atmosphere you're seeking (near Little Fish in Queen Village).

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      The one and only time I have been to Dessert, the coffee was lukewarm and there was a hair in my cake that didn't belong to me. The atmosphere is nice, though. It's too bad Cafe Sud is closed, their desserts were great.

      For a very nice, romantic dinner in that price range, the best place I can think of is Gayle, on 3rd St. between South and Bainbridge. You can definitely do almost as well for a lot less money though. There's a little place called Salt & Pepper at 6th and Fitzwater that is fantastic, there are only 6 or 7 tables, so it's cozy, the chef is 8 feet away from you in an open kitchen, and it's BYOB so you won't be paying superinflated wine prices.

    2. I think Beau Monde is very romantic, but it's less than your price range. It looks like you are looking for something much fancier. You can get an excellent meal, drinks and desserts for $80 for both of you.

      1. Overtures is probably right up your alley. Continental fare, nothing nouveau here but very good. Lovely atmosphere. Ask for the main dining room.

        1. Friday Saturday Sunday would be a good choice--very nice atmosphere, especially if you get a corner table, which is nicely tucked away for a very romantic feel. The wines are priced only $10 over retail, so it is a good deal.

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            I disagree with Friday Saturday Sunday. I am not a fan of the food quality.

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              Absolutely. Don't go to Friday Saturday and Sunday.

          2. Pif. Delicious food, quiet place, intimate, lovely and safely in your price range.

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              Yes, Pif! Perfect choice. In addition to everything Adrienne said, romantic French music.