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Oct 4, 2006 07:41 PM

Really good rotisserie chicken on the mid-Peninsula (Redwood City to San Mateo)?

On those nights when I just don't have the time or energy to fix dinner after work, I'd love to find a place that has really good rotisserie (or roasted) chicken. I've tried a few of the local markets, including Piazza in Laurelwood as well as various larger chains, but have so far been underwhelmed. I haven't tried Whole Foods or Roberts in Woodside. I know that Costco's version is supposed to be great, but none of the nearby Costcos has them. Any and all suggestions appreciated.

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  1. Okay, only for another hound will I divulge my current favorite source ;) Crystal Springs Fish and Poultry. Tel. (650) 5736335 It's a few blocks north of HWY 92, Ralston exit, in the shopping center with a Safeway, between to Dianda's Bakery and Papagayo Restaurant.

    They have a really good "pesto roasted chicken" for $8.99. But they only make 4 a day, and they come out of the oven at 4:30 p.m. I think it's a much better deal than the Roli Roti at the SM Farmers' Market: bigger and tastier, too. Call ahead if you want them to hold one for you.

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      Sounds great. I often get my fish there, but haven't ever seen the chicken. Thanks for sharing your find.

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        Crystal Springs Fish and Poultry is a great market. Their fish is well selected and high quality. Not cheap, but a case of getting what you pay for.
        I know its not really what you were looking for but Cunhas Market in Half Moon Bay has the best rotisserie I have had.

      2. I often think the chicken's a bit dried out, but there's El Pollo Supremo (now possibly called Fish 'n Chicken) in San Mateo at B St. & 9th. It's kind of like El Pollo Loco with chicken served with tortillas and salsa. The highlight though is the sides. My faves are the sauteed plantains which can't be good for you, but are so, sooo good. Also not good for you? Fried yucca, which kind of taste like French fries, with an interesting edge. Rice is good, too, and there are lots of other interesting side dishes we never even explored. The woman behind the counter swore by the deep-fried mushrooms.

        On second thought, this isn't rotisserie chicken like you're looking for, but would be a good interesting meal for your family.