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Magnolia Bakery cupcakes have entered the realm of pop culture

They were mentioned last night on the debut of "Veronica Mars" on the CW. VM showed her PI dad a picture from their NYC summer vacation of him stuffing his face with cupcakes in front of Magnolia Bakery . This smart, unwatched show is sort of a David Lynch meets "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" tv noir and is known for being rife with cultural references.

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  1. That's great for Magnolia, but I think they are over rated. Good, but not the best. And definitely not worth the wait when the line wraps around to W. 4th.

    1. Magnolia entered pop culture years ago on Sex and the City and again with the SNL Chronicles skit. Veronica Mars is just the latest show to jump on the bandwagon.

      1. Magnolia has been mentioned in a lot of TV shows (including an SNL skit last year). I agreem w/FoodFanNYC--overrated.

        1. Not impressed with their cupcakes, but that peanut butter toffee blondie is heaven.

          (and I adore Veronica Mars-- possibly my favorite show on television).

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            Mine too and I am so out of their target demographic, but I love a smart, smart aleck show. I watched Sex never and SNL seldom. What makes Magnolia so popular?

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                Here is a silly MagnoliaPop story for you: My wife and my little sister are having a girls' day out in Manhattan. They make their first ever trip to Magnolia and then sneak their cupcakes into a showing of The Devil Wears Prada. They are thrilled, of course, that as they munch on their goodies the protagonist is sent on an errand to Magnolia bakery.

          2. The thing is... their recipes are excellent. Everything I've made out of their cookbook has been excellent. So they were probably quite good at one time, and as demand picked up, quality took a nosedive.

            In my opinion, that SATC episode precipitated the transition of Magnolia's cupcakes from merely overrated to downright inedible.

            1. And the bannana pudding is pretty yummy too....

              1. Magnolia used to be amazing when it used to be just a neighborhood bakery (I used to live on 11th St and 6th Avenue, so I was there a lot!). Unfortunately, hype and demand always decreases quality in my experience. It's starting to happen at Sugar Sweet Sunshine as well.

                1. totally agreed on two points - magnolia's book recipes are exceptionally good and the banana pudding is amazing.

                  if you want a great cupcake - or better yet, a fat slice of cake - at a bakery whose quality has withstood the tests of hype and demand, go to cake man raven in fort greene. they are not known for their customer service, which perhaps did NOT withstand the hype and demand, but the red velvet cake is unequivocally my favorite cake ever.

                  1. Is the banana pudding recipe in the newest cookbook? Has anyone tried it?