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Oct 4, 2006 07:01 PM

Caterer for SMALL dinner party


I would like a dinner party for 4 people catered - who would you recommend in TO? The party is in Leaside (Bayview/Eglinton), so I wouldn't want them to be too far.


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  1. Urban Fare Catering does wonderful small dinner parties...they supply dishes,cutlery,glasses ...if you like...excellent choices of food and excellent service...they are at St Clair & Bathurst...but they go everywhere...Miranda

    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Marvellous Edibles in Leaside is quite good. They have a small restaurant on Laird (west side, south of the Home Depot) and do a lot of catering.

        1. It depends what you are looking for... if you want all out fine dining /multicourse dinner with full service or more of a casual they bring the food and the fixings and go away..

          Many fine restaurants / chefs will do either (as many do catering on the side), if you want "all out" with service and all you are looking at a lot of money since you will most likely need a server and someone to plate the food and heat/finish it as required.

          Let us know what you are expecting and I can give some suggestions.

          1. What kind of dinner are you looking for? Once that much is determined, then it's easier to recommend or choose a company, as there's a lot of variety out there.