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Caterer for SMALL dinner party

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I would like a dinner party for 4 people catered - who would you recommend in TO? The party is in Leaside (Bayview/Eglinton), so I wouldn't want them to be too far.


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  1. Urban Fare Catering does wonderful small dinner parties...they supply dishes,cutlery,glasses ...if you like...excellent choices of food and excellent service...they are at St Clair & Bathurst...but they go everywhere...Miranda

    1. Marvellous Edibles in Leaside is quite good. They have a small restaurant on Laird (west side, south of the Home Depot) and do a lot of catering.

      1. It depends what you are looking for... if you want all out fine dining /multicourse dinner with full service or more of a casual they bring the food and the fixings and go away..

        Many fine restaurants / chefs will do either (as many do catering on the side), if you want "all out" with service and all you are looking at a lot of money since you will most likely need a server and someone to plate the food and heat/finish it as required.

        Let us know what you are expecting and I can give some suggestions.

        1. What kind of dinner are you looking for? Once that much is determined, then it's easier to recommend or choose a company, as there's a lot of variety out there.

          1. What about:


            Never tried it, and the website is about using their facility, but it's so close I'm guessing they'd be happy to oblige.

            1. Not sure what I'm looking for - I want to have a dinner for my husband's fortieth but I don't want to lose my shirt. Elegant presentation, French, but I don't mind if they drop the stuff and go, and we put it together ourselves. I don't need dishes, glassware, etc...


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                Toben Food by Design. If you want to impress, that is.

                This guy is a genius.

              2. Millie's Bistro on Avenue Rd. south of the 401 does great home catering. They bring some of the dishes already prepared, but cook many others "a la minute."

                They use organic products whenever possible (the original owner was Gary Hoyer, an early proponent of organics and sustainable agriculture). The Mediterranean cuisine is flavoured with herbs, aromatics and produce that are indigenous to the country that is represented by the dish.

                I'd recommend that, should you decide to use a restaurant for your catered affair, you dine out in the establishment "incognito" before you even speak to the manager about your catering requirements. Evaluate the food AND the service (the restaurant will be supplying the waitstaff), and speak to the catering manager only after you've made your decision.

                1. In that case I think it would be better to order from one of the top French restaurants in the city.. Thuet, Auberge, Splendito etc tell then what you are doing so they can suggest dishes that will "last" between prep and your table, terrins and tarts vs things with foam or frozen... I am sure they can will deliver for a slight permium...